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Spirituality and Service


Art can transform your life

I did it and so can you

Spirituality and service to my community, holds a special place in my heart.  My artwork is predominantly abstract.   I use a variety of materials and processes in each project.  My technique allows for a free spirit approach to guide me.  In my experience, using this approach is very calming and expressive allowing for  waves of inspiration to influence and move through my paintings.


Community work

Whilst expressing myself through art, which I found very healing,  I was also drawn to teach art, since 2014, for various NGO and community settings such as:


  • My Shining Star Foundation,

  • FLAME - Foundation for Leadership and Moral empowerment,

  • SOLS 24/7

  • Gold - Generating Opportunity for Learning Disability,

  • National Cancer Society,

and several other organizations. 

Weekly Art Classes

If you’re looking to be a frequent student of the arts, our weekly art classes may be the choice for you. Every week we practice a different piece which will revolve around the basic elements of art while using a variety of different materials, such as watercolour paints, oil pastels, soft pastels and more. You will be surrounded by an artsy atmosphere of other ambitious students just like you! 

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Art N Virtues

a program that guides one to realize who they are by recognizing their value and translating that expression of themselves into ART. 

Invest in a Dream

A program in collaborating with GHL Systems Bhd and several individuals who had sponsored  28 kids to undergo a full year of training in Art N Virtues. ( 2019 - 2020)


Corporate Art Sessions

I have conducted over 200 sessions for more than 1000 participants.  It is my deepest desire to help people become more creative, expressive and to  realize the many great possibilities that art can unravel.

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Expressive Art

Art has a way of healing the soul. Our Expressive art session will allow you to interpret whatever you like through painting on your very on canvas with acrylic paints, thus allowing you to take off the pressure of having a meaning or expectation for every piece of art that you create. This session is very beginner-friendly and you will be guided in an encouraging artistic environment. 



In the Art N Exploration program, Parames skillfully gets the children of My Shining Star Foundation in touch with their own creativity. We were amazed how her loving dedication and enthusiasm moved our children to express beautifully and emotionally almost instantly. Our children learn and grow from her classes and always eagerly await her next session. 

 - Simone Buijzen, Advisor to Malaysia Shining Star Foundation.

Flame Camps are designed to help young people discover their potential. The Art N Exploration program was included into the main program to allow young people to express their feelings onto the canvas. The teenagers who attended it thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend the Art N Exploration program to any organization that deals with young people as part of their academic, moral or motivational programs.    - Prof. Dr. Bala Ramasamy, Flame Society Malaysia.


I enrolled for the Art N Exploration program for 6 months under the guidance of a very experienced and patient artist, Ms. Parames McNeill.  Through this program, she has helped me to explore an untapped potential which is my artistic expression. It gave me an unexpected level of confidence in an area that I was least confident in. I would highly recommend this Art N Exploration program to anyone who needs to discover his untapped potential or tap his creativity to a higher level, or who has lost confidence in himself. 

- Ong Eng Eng, Director - Creative Personnel Skills Services S/B


Art takes me on a healing journey, releases stress on the mind, relaxes my body and creates positive emotions that boost my self-esteem and general well-being.  And this is so important for anyone to cope mentally and physically in the current chaotic world!

- Prema Nair, Freelance HR Consultant 

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