My Story

Finding myself through art is exactly what I did in 2012, when I started painting continuously for months, and I have not stopped since.  I have had the opportunity to hold 3 solo exhibitions and 7 groups exhibitions so far.  More on its way....

Whilst discovering my passion in art, I also had the urge to share ART, through the ART N EXPLORATION WORKSHOPS which i now facilitate for several Ngo, e.g. Foundation for leadership and Moral Empowerment (FLAME), My Shining Star Foundation (MySSF) and Gold (Generating Opportunities for Learning Disability) and corporate clients and have todate conducted more than 150 workshops for more that 1000 participants.  ART N EXPLORATION has indeed become such a life changing platform which has also enabled to share this gift of ART with more people, a truly magical way to discover ones latent talent.

I have also had the privilege to illustrate a couple of books namely "Journey Through The Seven Valley" which is currently available in, and "Fajar Baharu" a children Bahai history book in Malay, which is being sold in Malaysia.

In June 2019, I had the opportunity to work with 2 homes with a total of 28 youths, where I conducted a weekly program called "ART & VIRTUES" Workshops, to take these youths on a path to discover who they truly are and to take them through a long-term journey of painting and exploration. With the help of 2 beautiful friends, a couple of kind hearted souls and GHL Systems Berhad, who had sponsored these kids, i was able to conduct this workshop for a whole year.  

Art has taught me so much about life and it has indeed been a spiritual journey and an awakening for me as to what is possible when you do what you are passionate about.

Thank you all for your continued support through purchase of my paintings and  your sponsorship of these projects.
I feel I am creating some small ripples in the art world and I must say, it could not have been done without each one of you.  God Bless you!
Thank you once again!!! 
Parames McNeill