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Art Classes are held at 

Parames Art Studio

20, USJ 2/5B  Subang Jaya, 47600

Children's and Adult classes available


What is Art N Exploration ?

“Art and Exploration” is a process based art program.    

Where you get to explore painting in a relaxed, fun and playful manner, with the intention of exploring the process of creating art rather than copying a piece of art created by someone else.  This way you learn how to use art materials and tools, however you think it fits you.  

The idea is to explore what is within by expressing it with colours and tools on the canvas.  Paint what you feel, however you feel.


What does this do for you?

This enables you to “create” and “not conform”.  It enables you to be you, to create, to express and to explore what you want.  

There are no set standards, no perfect way to create.  No mistakes in art.  So you are empowered to create without fear or inhibition.

You will begin to understand the power of creating and expressing without expectation or judgment.  

This process enables you to build confidence, to make decisions and improve problem solving abilities.


How is it conducted?

It is conducted by an experienced Abstract/Expression Artist, Parames McNeill, who will take you through it.  So if you think you have no art skills at all, it is not a problem.  We are going to explore and create together. 

For more information whatsapp message or call me


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